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May 25th: our 11th birthday

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SHINee and Shawols are truly a family. We have had 11 years of insides jokes, memes, memories, stories... 11 years of going through thick and thin together. Through hardships, loss, pain, awards, concerts, fan meetings... everything together. We’ve cried together, and laughed together. 

Through it all, SHINee was there for Shawols, as Shawols were there for SHINee. 11 years of iconic songs, MV’s and dance practices. From RING DING DONG and Love Like Oxygen, to Dream girl and Good Evening.

Some of us might have not been there for you since the beginning, but we still love and support you the same.

Thank you Onew, for being the best leader we could’ve asked for, and giving us Onew sangtae. You are the perfect leader this band, and us, needed. 

Thank you Jonghyun for being bling bling, and brightest star, shining and taking care of Shawols from above. You did well, you helped more people than you think and lived the dream.

Thank you Key, for being SHINee’s personal fashion icon and a breathing, living meme for us. You laugh is still, to this day, the most iconic of them all. By the way, we all adore your eyebrow scar.

Thank you dibidibidi Minho, for being our Flaming Charisma and for your light hair color era, you were one step closer to looking like an actual grandpa.

And last, but not least. Thank you Taemin, for being the incredible dancing Machine and adorably evil maknae you are. In my eyes, you'll always be a baby.

Oh, and specially thank you, SM, for filming Taemin with a glass of milk for Onew’s line “Nareumdaero gwaenchaneun bad boy” on Ring Ding Dong. That is truly a work of art.

SHINee and SHINee World together always and forever.